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Ural Europe Winter newsletter 2013


  1. New Ural Webshop
  2. Ural Winter Meeting in Austria
  3. Some important dates in 2014
  4. Ural model year 2014

New Ural webshop is online
Finally we fulfilled a long standing wish of our Ural fans. We have put our extensive range of Ural accessories into a new webshop with a well-arranged design.
The new webshop www.ural-shop.com is  now online.
At  present we have 300 articles on offer, but we will be continuously adding to this.
We invite you to rummage in our shop during the Christmas holidays. All articles are available from our authorized ural dealers, but you can also order online. We ask for your understanding that, due to the holidays, we can only ship your web shop orders after the 7th of January 2014. Certainly we will be  happy to receive your comments and suggestions. Infact any feedback from your side about our web shop will be very welcome. Please send via email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


Sidecar winter meeting on the Castleruine Prandegg in Austria from 31.1 until 2.2.2014
Information on: http://www.ural.cc/index.php?en_newsarchiv


Dates to note:

Big events day at the Ural headquarters in Austria:
A lot of events during just one weekend of week 24/2014:

Friday, 13th of June 2014, 9:00 a.m.
Sidecar security training at the ÖAMTC security training center (the Austrian automobile society) in Marchtrenk.
(Attention: limited participants 15 sidecars! Best is to book immediately. Costs: EUR 198,00)

Friday, 13th of June 2014, 08:00 a.m. until 08:00 p.m.
Flea market at Ural and Dnepr Austria:
We will open our garage and invite you to rummage around in our old and scrap metal parts, rejected parts and other stuff for Dnepr and Ural which has been collected during the year.

Saturday, 14th of June 2014 from 9.00 a.m.
Jumborun in Altenhof in Upper Austria
We will gather in the Ural headquarters in Marchtrenk and pilger together to Altenhof to the popular Jumborun, the great sidecar tour with the inhabitants of the village of disabled people in Altenhof.

Sunday, 15th of June 2014, 09:00 a.m.
Again sidecar security training at the ÖAMTC security training center (An Austrian automobile club) in Marchtrenk.
(And again: Limited participants 15 sidecars! Best is to book immediately. Costs: EUR 198,00)

5th until 7th of September 2014
Sixth European Ural Meeting in Austria
After a one year break the European Ural Meeting will takes place again, for the sixth time. The date is fixed, the location not yet definitely. We are looking for a location in the Alps, but we are still negotiating about the details.

Ural model year 2014
Attention: The 2014 Ural revolution is spreading through Europe mercilessly:
Ural is getting rid of the drum brakes, the carburettors and a few other technical relics from the 1950’s. Watch out, Ural is beaming itself into the present time!

From April 2014 the Ural factory will deliver the sidecars with the following innovations.
Electronic fuel injection instead of carburettors

Sharper camshafts for a better torque

External oil filter

Hydraulic steering damper

Disc brakes on all 3 wheels


The 2014 model (EFI) will also sport some new colours.
From April on:

Ranger Frog!
The „Froggy“ Ranger
The Ranger is the best Ural concept ever, therefore it does not matter, that the Ranger is now presented in an ugly frog dress. But who knows, maybe the Ranger Frog will turn into a prince when kissed by a virgin.

Tourist und Sportsman Azur!
Blue, blue, lovely blue, a matt blue.

Ural T and Ural TWD
From 2014 even more simple in black matt


For all of those who now have run scared because they have forgotten to buy the good old Ural:
It is not too late but stocks are dwindling..........
Until March 2013 we will receive Urals from the factory with the present specification and colours at 2013 prices. From April 2014 the carburettor and drum brake era really ends. And this era will definitely have come to an end. From April 2014 on the following colour schemes will no longer be available:  Ranger in Nato camouflage dress, Ranger in matt greens, Tourist, Retro and Sportman in olive green and dark blue, Ural T and TWD in black glossy. That means everybody who still wants one of these versions should visit his/her Ural dealer very soon.